May 2018 Insta-Stud Showdown

Apologies for this post arriving later than past months. Better late than never, right?

Another month, another round of hot guys to pit against each other in our 2018 Insta-Stud Showdown. Instead of jamming all the action into the hectic month of December like I did last year, monthly polls throughout the year will determine the Top 5 that will advance to the year-end competition.

Congrats to Ariel-Ben Attar, Benno Peters, Nick Jann, Joey Hornyak and Steven Meyer for earning their spots as the April 2018 winners.

During May 2018, I featured 17 sexy men in our Insta-Stud series. You can vote for up to five guys. If you want to see more pics of each guy before casting your vote, simply click on their name to head over to their individual posts. Voting for this round ends June 15. The top five will advance to the next stage of the competition.

May 2018 Insta-Stud Showdown

Petr Hollesch

Steven Chevrin

Kyle Mullen

Hollis W. Chambers

Carson Tueller


Almog Gabay

Levi Conely

Morgan Renaudeau

Stephen Marks

Scott Evans

Jacob Dooley

Jake Mast

Daniel Kenji Matsunaga

Xavier Naveau

Landon Wetterstrom

Adam Collard