A series of videos where a little boy lip-dubs his dad’s coworker’s voice is in the process of going viral on YouTube. A video editor named Benjamin Barak asked a coworker to record a few funny skits that he took the audio from and dubbed over footage of his son lip-dubbing the dialogue. His son’s actual name is Maximus Thor and the end result of this project is hilarious.

There are four videos so far that include: Happy Meal, Gym, Star Wars, and Nazi Gold. Here’s an example of what to expect, from some of what is lip-dubbed in Happy Meal: “So, Banjo was driving me over to a big play date at Samantha’s house, and I’m like ‘Banjo, pull into Mickey-D’s, I wanna grub up before I see my lady.‘ Pull in. Walk our asses up to the counter, and I’m like, ‘Gimme the chicken nuggets. Happy Meal’…” With what happens next, the boy is not impressed with the woman at the counter. Wanna know what happened next?

Find out why these videos are going viral by checking them out for yourself below.

Happy Meal


Star Wars

Nazi Gold