Man Crush: Maximilian Befort

For this week’s Man Crush, I thought I’d go all international on you. I came across this tasty little foreign hottie while checking out a trailer for a gay indie flick, “Romeos“. Meet Maximilian Befort. In the film, Max plays a gorgeous gay Italian playboy who falls for someone transitioning from female to male. Funny enough, Befort isn’t even Italian. Rather, this dark handsome stud is German. I’m sure he has one tasty “Bratwurst“.

The 22-year-old actor speaks several languages including English, Spanish, French and his native German. He lists basketball, swimming, diving, volleyball, juggling and and playing the piano as some of his interests. Befort is definitely one hot guy. Maximilian reminds me of a combination of Colin Farrell and Henry Cavill all rolled up into one tasty concoction. Check out a few pics of him below and see if you agree with that. Side note, if you’re feeling a little naughty, Google screen shots of him from “Romeos”. He’s got one bodacious booty. YUM.

Dark & broody. That’s how I like them.

Dayum, he looks fine with short and long hair.

Working out his biceps while flirting with a guy. Talk about a multi-tasker.

YOWZA. I like to see DAS WEINER.

Riding bareback *wink*

Sporting a little chest hair. He’ll be one foxy cub in a few years.

He loves arcing those eyebrows

I’d definitely do a double take if I passed him down the street.

He’s not doing a very good job of trying to hide those nips. If he’s cold, I’d be more than happy to warm him up 😉

  • Steve-O

    Another young one….cute… should do a ManCrush on Austin Butler…He 20 so legal….but seriously his body could give Taylor Lautner a run for his money.

  • kiara

    is he gay in real life?

  • Aym

    No, Kiara – I know him peronally – he’s straight

  • ??

    Hello l ma is Zhao Jing l miss you Max