So I only realized halfway through this post that I’ve now done a French athlete two weeks in a row now. Last week I featured professional tennis player Arnaud Clément from France. This week, I’m tackling Maxime Mermoz, a rugby player who is also from France.

I came across Mermoz because he recently did a commercial and ad campaign for DIM underwear, a popular French men’s underwear line. The photos are so sexy, as is the behind the scenes video which I’ve included below along with the actual commercial for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re into dark features, sexy lips, and muscles, then you’ll especially love this guy. Check out his pictures and videos below.

Great choice for their underwear model, right?

You can spend some extra time on this photo if you like. There’s no rush.

So cute. Great eyes and smile, right?

And this… this is what he looks like wet. And wowza, look at those pipes!

I’d wanna tackle those legs if I saw them too. One at a time boys! 😉

Mermoz doing his squats.

DIM Soft Touch Commercial

DIM Underwear Shoot: Behind The Scenes