Sense8’s Max Riemelt Talks Going Full-Frontal, Kissing Male Co-Stars & More With Attitude Magazine

The wait is almost over. Sense8 returns for its hotly-anticipated second run on Friday. Ahead of its arrival on Netflix, Max Riemelt who plays one of the eight sensates, Wolfgang Bogdanow, sat down with Attitude to discuss what to expect with the new episodes.

Based on what the 33-year-old German actor teased, Season 2 of the globe-trotting sci-fi series is going to be amped up. There will be more intrigue, action and telepathic orgy sequences. Speaking of the latter, Riemelt talks about going full frontal during sex scenes, kissing his male co-stars on pride floats and much more.

Check out a few quotes below, along with a brand new Season 2 trailer that Netflix released earlier today.

On Sex Scenes In Season 2

Like I said, there’s going to be more! It’s also the way Lana portrays these sex scenes; it’s more like an oil painting you like to look on, not the physical act of two people putting something into each other. It’s like a melting pot that shows what’s possible when you just think about what you feel when you have sex. It’s not that very simple, single image you have of sex; it describes a feeling you could have when you have someone you feel connected to. It’s a beautiful sex scene, which is really rare nowadays; it’s not something people like to think of as pornographic.

On Kissing Brian J. Smith At Sao Paulo Pride

It just happened! It was all like in a dream and it felt so good – the response of people was just so energising and took us away. And of course people like to see us making out together and we thought it would just be a nice treat for them. It was in the moment. [If] you see some people, you connect with each other and you feel something, you should just do it. Like on a party, you try things out and let things happen because it feels right. It’s not that we wanted to show off or show people how we really feel about each other; it’s not about that. It’s more about using this energy that was really heavy at Sao Paulo Pride and giving it back.

On Filming Full Frontal Scenes

Of course I’m worried, because I don’t know [in] what context this material will be shown. Will it be something that people will just rewind because it’s so shocking, or will it be something quite natural that is just a pert of a scene that works? At some point you have to decide and I decided to trust the people I work with, and it just so happens the result was so positive that I have no so many problems with it anymore. But I’m still struggling with it, of course. It’s not something that’s so easily done.

Sense8 Season 2 Trailer

  • Nozuka

    Oh i’m definitely going to rewind, but not because it’s shocking 😉

  • Jason Paul

    Looking forward to season 2 finally.