Well, Hello Maximilian!

For my first-ever Homorazzi post, I figured it would only be appropriate for me to write about something that is very dear to my heart…a hot guy.

Meet my new favorite import from across the pond, Max Irons. If his last name sounds familiar, it’s because Max is the son of British actor and star of Showtime’s The Borgias, Jeremy Irons.

This sex-on-a-stick Brit recently gained American exposure for his role in the 2011 reboot of the classic Red Riding Hood. Much like myself, many were more interested in who this stunning actor is rather than the movie itself.

Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons (love it!) grew up in London before attending a UK boarding school. While away at school, the celebuspawn was actually expelled after being caught “bonking” a fellow student on the grounds. Sadly for us, the other student in question was a female. Sigh.

Max later received his first taste at the business appearing alongside his father in 2004’s Being Julia and was recently seen in the television series The Runaway.

The 25-year-old bad boy, who is not ashamed for his love of booze and cigarettes, has been in an “assumed” relationship with Sucker Punch actress Emily Browning for some time now. If and when the hunk ever decides to take a trip over the rainbow I’ll be waiting. Until then, I’ll have to satisfy my lust by starting at his various modeling shots from both his Mango and Burberry campaign spreads.

Max’s career is starting to gain momentum and in no time he will be a household name. Keep an eye out for him!