Model Behavior: Max Emerson

I didn’t realize I’ve neglected my Model Behavior feature for six weeks. My bad. To make up for this heinous crime, I thought I’d restart this weekly feature with a super sexy male model. Meet 23-year-old Max Emerson. He’s got that innocent all-American look but with a bit of an edge and loads of sex appeal.

In addition to posing for famed photographers like Bruce Weber, Rick Day and Jeremy Kost to name a few, Emerson is also an accomplished writer and director of short films. Currently, Max is represented by Q Models, New York City. A few publications he’s appeared in include Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Seventeen and YRB. If you’re craving more Max after checking out his pictures below, you can follow all of his modeling adventures on his blog, Max’s Petting Zoo.

Max Emerson Model Stats

Height: 6’0″
Waist: 30
Shoe: 11.5
Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: brown

For those who’ve requested more models with a bit of fur in the past. You’re welcome.

He’s sexy and he knows it.

Someone’s a little excited petting his dog 🙂

Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. And by bumpy, I mean satisfying.

With tank or sans?

D&G might as well stand for DAMN GOOD, instead of Dolce & Gabbana.

What’s the first thing you noticed in this picture? For me, it’s that sexy side mole.

That’s one ugly “ass” tattoo, but the canvas is gorgeous.

Giving you the boy next door.

Look at me. I’m being mischievous.

Max seems to love playing with his crotch area. You know what they say about guys with big pylons. LOL.

I’m getting morning wood just look at this picture.

Well, hello mister.

Out of bed and straight to the shower. My kind of guy.

I wonder why his name tag has “kick” on it.

Is it wrong that I’m jealous of that trail of water.

I began the post with a cowboy picture and thought ending it with one would be fitting.

If you thought Max was cute in pictures, check him out in motion. That smirk is killer.

  • Martin

    he won me over at “Hi. My name is Max Emerson” and gave the camera a quick quirky smile !! I love Quirky smiles or even better Smirks!!! Super sexy !!

  • Kyle M

    The tattoo is “Max” from Where the Wild Things Are. I think I love him even more because of it!

  • Zeno

    I was only mildly curious when I clicked to see the pictures after the jump. Then suddenly there was chest hair, seemingly untrimmed pubes AND a dog – all together in one picture no less. I’m won over! Oh yeah, he smiles too.

  • Yes please. He is perfect! (at least physically)

  • Chad Lowry

    He is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite pic has to be the one of him posing with his tattoo of “Max” from Where the Wild Things Are. HOT!

  • Christian

    Max the Miami darling! Knew him at the Univ of Miami. A very chill, humorous, and oh so edible firecracker. One of the few models that is out and you’ll never hear anything from him about it. No boasting, promoting, or attention getting. The only attention getting is from his sizzle self, and I might add, his creative humourous side. A creative, stunning, friendly guy that happens to be gay. Hey Maxi from Chris !!

  • Matt

    As a fellow U grad i can honestly say Max was available many nights in Coral Gables. At the time just another cute, sexy Miami gay boy.

  • Lance

    Is Max available for private events? I’ll pay big bucks for this very pretty guy

  • Drew

    I’d pay for this sexy ass as well!

  • Max

    Matt you’re a dirty whore.

  • Max

  • matt

    Max, what can I say. I wasn’t the only one with a hard-on in the gables when you were around. I’m impressed with your writing and producing skill boy! Keep it up. Oh, btw, how can I rent your services…?

  • Lance

    I want to meet you Max. Oh do I

  • Db

    I recall him at UM and around sobe and downtown. Def part of the eye candy at Miami’s club scene. A friend lusted for him to no avail, only to find out a buddy hooked with Max and one of his friend’s after a party.

  • Ellermann

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