In the spirit of gender equality, I thought I’d write about a male celebrity body transformation, since I wrote about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new slammin’ bikini bod.

For those worried that Colton Haynes’ departure from Teen Wolf would result in less eye candy… fear not. Season three promises to double the hot action courtesy of the twins from Desperate Housewives. Tom and Lynette Scavo, job well done raising these sexy studs. MTV unveiled the first official photo on their Tumblr with the following caption, “Here’s hoping this photo puts those ugly rumors to rest.”

Max and Charlie Carver who played Preston and Porter Scavo on the hit ABC dramedy join MTV’s supernatural series as Twin Alpha Werewolves. They’ve certainly bulked up since Desperate Housewives aired its finale. Guess we know what they’ve been doing since that gig ended. Their hard work at the gym is certainly appreciated. I’m surprised I haven’t jumped on the Teen Wolf bandwagon, given that the cast is riddled with hot male stars. Check out the former Scavo twins all grown up below.