Who is MattyB? Well, if you haven’t been tapped into the latest of viral videos, I will tell you. MattyB is the cutest 7 year old boy from Atlanta, Georgia who raps over and covers the latest hip hop hits out there. At first sight, this may look like something pretty amateur and nothing worth your time to take a look at. I challenge you to eat your words. This kid is unreal. Paired with his cousin, fellow rapper Mars, the rhymes this kid recites is undeniably adorable. So far he has rapped and covered over 10 of the hottest tracks out there not to mention a few surprise covers (like Taylor Swift’s Mine and Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair). His latest video is what caught my eye.

Rihanna and Drake’s What’s My Name is soaring up the charts and the people behind MattyB were smart enough to have him cover it at the exact right moment. This plus many of his other videos have reached will over half a million views. That’s incredible.

It took a bit of time to find out some information about this little tyke but with my superb research skills, I found myself in the know. With the help of his cousin Mars and some other amazing people in his corner, MattyB has taken over the social network media stream. Smart, considering that’s how many an artist are discovered these days. In a recent interview, MattyB says that he was drawn to the beat of hip hop music when he was 4 or 5. Mars moved in with MattyB’s family in 2009. Working on his music in the house, MattyB found himself listening to it often and learned and recited the words of his big cousin’s songs.

Eventually, MattyB was writing his own lyrics and brought them to his cousin. He begged him to help him record them and put them up on YouTube. His first video, a cover of Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber’s Eenie Meenie went viral and was even featured on YouTube’s front page.

His music and videos are garnering a lot of buzz on YouTube and beyond. People can’t stop talking about one of two things. 1. How adorable and cute he is. 2. How talented and devoted he is. There is no doubt about it this kid has a gift and a talent and I’m sure with the right people behind him and the proper guidance, this kid will be the next best superstar. He’s already appeared on The Wendy Williams Show. The sky’s the limit for MattyB. Check out some of his best viewed videos below.