Matthew Morrison Covers Attitude Magazine

Matthew Morrison may be known as the Glee club coach on the FOX hit series, but he’s doing all the right things to take center stage on his own and make a name for himself in the world of music. His first album which is self titled has hit shelves and already is a hit with many critics and fans that have followed him from his beginnings on Glee or even his chorus days on Broadway.

So what is next for Morrison? Well, on his little hiatus from filming Glee, Matthew join NKOTBSB on their summer tour promoting tracks from his new album. Then, it’ll be back to work to begin Season 3 of Glee where Matthew plans to direct an episode. Inside his busy schedule, Morrison found time to pose pretty and talk with Attitude about his fans, his early beginnings, his dance moves and his music career. All of this will be featured in the June 2011 issue with Matthew looking sexy as ever on the cover.

In the interview, we discover that Attitude calls Glee the gayest show on television. Honestly, I’d have to agree with that. It’s because of it’s gay characters, or gay songs from Mother Monster or Madonna, but because the show is at the mercy of out and proud executive producer Ryan Murphy upon which Matthew Morrison says: “He can be brutal and he can be a saint. But you always know that he’s coming from a good place. Every single thing that is going on with Glee bears his fingerprints. He looks over every costume and every set and every piece of lighting. Everything goes through Ryan.”

What does Matthew have to say about his fans?

“Yes, I also get a certain type of college-educated, older man. They’re a little more polite. They are very respectful.”

What about Awards that he has always been nominated for… but never won?

“Oh, that’s the story of my life, though, I get nominated for everything and I never win. I don’t give a shit about awards. Sure, I’d take an Emmy. Am I losing sleep about not having one? No. I always feel like awards are such a funny thing. I don’t know what their purpose is apart from to drive publicity towards a television show or film. How do you really, unless you’re all doing the same part, judge who’s better than who?”

For the full interview with Matthew (including a funny little bit about John Waters from Hairspray and vintage poppers), check out the June issue of Attitude.