Matthew Camp Graces Attitude Magazine’s Body Issue

And what a body it is. Matthew Camp is one beefy ball of tastiness.

The 34-year-old former New York City go-go dancer turned Instagram star graces Attitude Magazine’s Body Issue. For the accompanying interview, the California-born influencer talks about monetizing his sexy image.

“I’d wanted to shoot sex videos for a while because I feel there’s this divide between art and sex,” he explains. “I don’t see them as different. They’re both an emotional expression.”

“In porn, it’s maybe the wrong term to use because it has such a specific connotation in those prearranged situations. But I like the OnlyFans aspect because you can curate your own, and share them with people.”

Check out another image of Camp below from the issue photographed by Danny Baldwin. His butt is absolutely insane.

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