Man Crush: Matt Pokora

Sorry for the delay for this week’s Man Crush. Trying to cram in as much of Toronto before I leave in just a few short hours. I’m sure you won’t mind the wait after you see this week’s studly hottie. I thought I’d mix things up and pick someone from across the pond. Say “bonjour” to Matt Pokora better known as M. Pokora. The 25-year-old was born in France as Matthieu Tota but took on Pokora as his stage name because it’s the Polish word for humility- his grandmother is of Polish origin.

The French singer/songwriter has had tremendous success as a pop artist in France. Pokora got his start on the third season of Popstars, broadcast on M6, and became part of a boy band. After dismal sales, he embarked on a solo career and it has proven to be a wise choice. He’s as well known for his music as he is for his body of tattoos. Matt has ink ranging from English, Chinese, Polish, Arabic and other languages on his body along with numerous symbols. Normally, I’m not a fan of so many tattoos, but it all works on his sexy body.

Matt is unfortunately straight (BOO), but is very gay friendly. He’s supported gay causes and stripped down for French gay publication, Tetu. Why wouldn’t he? He’s got a great body, which can be attributed to genetics. His father was a professional footballer. Check out what he got from his papa below. If Ricky Martin and Justin Timberlake had a son, I think it would look like Matt Pokora. Take a look at his pics and see if you see it too.

His tattoo says only God can judge him. He forgot to add Homorazzi because we judge everything too 😉

Dancing shirtless on the French Dancing with the Stars. No wonder he won the title.

Can’t you just imagine that juicy butt doing the cha-cha?

Looking super hot on the cover of French gay magazine, Tetu (love that mag)

I also salute his hotness.

I wish Matt was grabbing his other head.

Europeans certainly love their cigarettes.

Reebok pimps out Matt’s hotness to sell balls. LOL.

Showing some hip hop swagger.

Just in case all that text on the Tetu cover was distracting you, here’s the raw image. Pretty damn sexy, right?

Lounging around. Doesn’t he look ready for a lap dance?


Showing off a more intellectual look.

Trying to get freaky with a statue.

  • maximreed

    i love him.
    you forgot to say he released an album in the us which was produced in part by timbaland. it didn’t really work (in the us or in france even if i think it’s his best).
    and for the nrj music awards last january (french ceremony) his shirt got ripped apart by his dancers (supposedly unintentionnally! ahah yeah right.) and that was hot as well.
    he won the nrj music award for best male french artist (opposite david guetta for instance and others that you probably dont know (lucky you!) on your side of the atlantic!!) but people complained he didnt deserve it, but well the audience, the fans choose so i think if he won, he deserved it, whether people like him or not!
    anyway he’s a great artist, he’s effing hot and he’s smart and fun so what’s not to like!
    vive la france! 😉

  • Brad

    OMG – he’s a freaken wet dream come true, i want to make babies with him!