It wouldn’t be an American Idol season without a controversy surrounding one of its contestants. The second I saw Matt Farmer at the Long Beach auditions, I knew there was something fishy about him. I just thought it was because my gaydar was beeping hardcore, but as it turns out, he fabricated his exit from the military. I don’t understand how anyone thinks they can get away with a lie on such a huge platform as American Idol. You really have to be some sort of delusional nut.

After firstly denying the claims that he lied about being injured in an IED explosion during his deployment, the Idol hopeful finally came clean. Most probably due to his former boss and colleagues calling him out. Farmer even had the gall to claim medication he took to treat his injuries were supposed to make him sterile. Cue his adorable “miracle” baby. As it turns out, the 26-year-old was discharged for using banned substances and alcohol. Check out his lengthy mea culpa below along with his Idol audition.

Matt Farmer – American Idol 12 Audition

Everything you have read is correct. It was ALL lies. I in fact HAVE lied since a younger age and had a problem with it. I am coming out and making a statement (even though I was instructed not to) because i DO want to come clean. Just so everyone knows I’m not reviving any sort of disability for Tbi. Let it also be known that I left country 2.5 months before the rest of the unit came home, I stayed in the army PAST my ETS date and was released from full service (wether active or reserve) in 2009.

I do in fact take FULL responsibility for the actions and words I have said, and know that this will never go away. In NO way was I looking to take from everyone who has served. I started to believe my own lies. And after I believed them… I would catch myself talking like it had happened to me my entire life. To the gentleman above who talked about going to the VA I am doing just that, the “cocktail” u refer to Has been my deterrent for the last couple of years as I feel like when I was medicated while at FT sill and even at Schwinefurt It was never “correct”. Never the less.

The lies end here. I want to base the life I have left on nothing but what is real and genuine and in the here and now. I am EXTREAMLY remorseful and VERY upset that I allowed myself to take from the hard work of the guys that i was deployed with among others. To think that I would go on a national tv show and get away with continuing a lie so big, and so deeply imbedded in my lfe and brain… Is rediculous. Hindsight is always 20/20. The work the blue spader a did overseas was impeccable and I regret that I took from that. To EVERYONE but more importantly the men I served with, I AM DEEPLY REGRETFUL AND SORRY. my road to figuring out how to make a life built on trust starts now. It starts with getting help. And starts with this message.

I was told to keep quiet and not talk to anyone, and I have decided that what’s best for me and my family is to come out and end the insanity. I indeed have many many things to work with and need to get alot of help doing it. Again I appologize to everyone that I have come across and hurt or lied too.

I at no time was a sniper, was never deployed to Afghanistan, did a single tour in Iraq, and was never at any time hit or wounded by an IED

Matt Farmer