Matt Damon Doesn’t Want A Snuggie For Christmas

I’ve always had a soft hard spot for Matt Damon ever since I saw him in John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” and my adoration only grew when I watched “Good Will Hunting“. Don’t even get me started on my fascination with the Bourne movies. Anyhoo, thanks to a new video by Matt Damon for AOL’s “You’ve Got…” series, I now know what not to get him for the holidays. I can scratch glowing neckwear, stuffed animals and the Snuggie off that list.

In the video, Damon shows off some of the worst Christmas gifts he’s gotten over the years. He even dresses up in a teal Snuggie he got last year as a present. Maybe I should buy him a twosie Snuggie so we can get all comfy as we watch “Stuck On You” together. Le sigh. As an alternative to those aforementioned gifts, he suggests a water bottle as a stocking stuffer this year. The bottle designed by his brother and his friends will benefit, an organization Damon co-founded in 2009.

Their mandate is to provides access to safe water and sanitation in African, South Asian and Central American communities. 100 percent of proceeds from this limited edition CamelBak Better Bottle will support said cause. You can purchase one or a set of three by clicking here. Check out the adorable video below.

I love Damon even more after watching this video. So cute and philanthropic. I can’t believe he’s 40-years-old now. Where did the time go?