For the longest time, Jimmy Kimmel would always joke on his show that he ran out of time and thus had no time for Matt Damon to appear on the show. Ahead of the actor’s first full appearance on the show tonight, Damon got his revenge on Kimmel in a hilarious and creepy video.

We first see a montage of the, “We ran out of time. Sorry, Matt Damon” clips from his show and then start to hear a creepy Damon laugh. He then talks to the camera and says, “That’s pretty funny. But tonight, tonight you didn’t run out of time for me did ya, Jimmy?”

We then see Jimmy Kimmel all tied up in the background in a room decorated with headlines relating to Kimmel not making time for Damon. Matt Damon’s first full appearance on Kimmel airs tonight! I’m sure it’ll be a good one. Watch the video below!

Matt Damon’s Revenge