Who’d You Rather: Williams VS Cooper

Welcome back to your weekly dose of hottie vs hottie. I want to start of by thanking Donovan for filling in for me last week while I was on set. Paul and Ryan were great opponents but ultimately, Paul Walker took the win. This week, I’ve decided to feature some hunky Australian Rugby players who were featured in Gods of Football. You may want to take a cold shower before checking out these two.

John Williams is 23, a Capricorn and a member of the North Queensland Cowboys. He says he’s shy but in the same breath that he is funny and outgoing. When asked what was better, sex or football, he said both are good but different. I think a majority of us would chose the first with this hunk. However, what makes this guy so charming is that the one thing he can’t live without is family. Aww. Who wants to bring him home to mom?

Matt Cooper is 29, an Aries and a member of the St George Illawarra Dragons. He describes himself in pretty caveman-like terms simply put: “man likes woman”. When asked what was better, sex or football, he said football during the day, sex at night. Who wants to meet him in bed? This hunk can’t live without his TV or staying in touch with friends and family on his blog which I checked out and is pretty cool with photos to boot!

John Williams

Matt Cooper

Who'd You Rather: Williams VS Cooper

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  • John Williams is hottttttt!

  • Georgie

    Hmmm. This is a hard one. Pun intended.

  • zurvivor

    hands down john williams.