Meet Bryan’s Hot Ex-Boyfriend On The New Normal

On the last episode of The New Normal, David (Justin Bartha) proposed to Bryan (Andrew Rannelis) in a touching moment in front of their unborn child’s ultrasound. Is happily ever after in their future? Perhaps, but trouble could be brewing thanks to someone returning from the happy couple’s past. Ryan Murphy tweeted, “Guess who’s coming on The New Normal as Bryan’s sexy ex-boyfriend? The one and only (blank)!!!” I purposely blanked out the name to tease you a bit longer.

With Bartha, Rannelis and Jayson Blair already on the cast, I don’t know if the show can handle anymore gorgeousness. Find out who’s guest starring on the NBC sitcom below. Here’s a hint. He’s played a stripper and con man in the past. Have any guesses?

If you guessed Matt Bomer, then you’re correct. Other than the fact he’s guest starring as Bryan’s ex, no other details about his character has been released. This isn’t the first time the 35-year-old actor has worked with Ryan Murphy. Last season, he played Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s (Darren Criss) big brother on Glee. Could a guest spot on Murphy’s other show, American Horror Story, happen in the near future?

In addition to Bomer, the NBC sitcom already has Nicole Richie and George Takei booked for upcoming episodes. Despite opposition from One Million Moms and being banned from the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, The New Normal is attracting decent numbers and has received a full season pickup. Are you watching the show? Excited to see Matt Bomer wreak havoc for the happy couple? Sound off below.

  • zurvivor

    Wow, he is finally out of the closet with this character. My brother gonna be dead when he knows this.

  • jorge calleros

    i can’t watch because i live in planet Ou-ta (Utah)

  • Dave

    Jorge – KUCW-TV will broadcast The New Normal on at 10 p.m. Saturdays, right before of Saturday Night Live. Unless you were joking 😉