Matt Bomer Comes Out

Matt Bomer came out over the weekend while accepting an award during Saturday’s Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. He was honored with the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for his word in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Towards the end of his speech, he thanks his partner Simon Halls and his three children:

“I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment.”

He was described as being in a “glass closet,” with most industry people knowing of his sexuality, but now he has made it more public with that speech and also with an article in OK! Magazine last week. The article read, “In his spare time, Matt admits that he wants to start a charity of his own. ‘I think it’s important to choose something that’s really close to your heart. It would revolve around kids. If you can give kids a chance because they are what is carrying on our legacy.’ The actor shares three kids with his partner, Simon Halls.”

As previously reported, Bomer will be playing the older brother of gay character Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) on “Glee” and he also starred in the Broadway reading of Dustin Lance Black‘s play “8” about California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage with Proposition 8.

  • Isabelle

    I’m so happy he felt confidant enough to say something about his beautiful home life. I love him no matter, he could go bald with a green eyebrows and I’d love him. I hope ignorant people don’t try to make this ugly in the public.

  • tim

    He’s amazing from every possible aspect you see him. He “came out” so casually and by making no big deal out of it, no publicity stunts, nothing: some people should take notes.

    I can’t help but verbally masturbate by saying: “Matt Boner”

  • ADAM

    how can ya come out when everybody already knows you are gay and have a bf ?

  • Randy

    Yes, it’s great that he came out, but I’ve known for 3 years that he was gay. What is sad, it that in Hollywood, you have to stay in the closet until you can make a name for youself before you can feel comfortable coming out. He is at the point in his life where he has made enough money to live the rest of his life, so that if Hollywood turns it’s back on him, he can walk away and still live comfortable.

  • I’m just glad that’s he’s happy, in love, and hope that Hollywood would continue to treat him like a person and not just a gay man. We keep forgetting that we are human and we should be loved by whomever loves us back.

  • Mardie

    @Adam, I thought he came out a long time ago? Not that I can cite any official coming-out news but I’m sure it was mentioned somewhere! “You’re as gay as a clutch purse on Tony night. You fell outta the gay tree, hitting every gay branch on the way down. And ya landed on a gay guy… and ya did ’em.” -Karen Walker

  • zurvivor

    OMG,MY brother never would have guess he was gay when he watched that series he acted in.

  • Roll Eyes

    A lot of people didn’t know he was gay as well. Twitter girls are still weeping and I’ve seen a few tweet the USA folk going on about WC losing ratings because MB is gay.

    Poor guy. That network is watched by sappy girls and women who live in some small minded town.

  • I think he can pull through, look at Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Todd

    I watched White Collar and immediately guessed he was gay, but you never know with these things because everyone (actors) that you immediately “just know” denies it over and over. So, I thought “whatever”. It wasn’t very long before the announcement came. Yeah, and I thought Darren Criss was gay too but he denies it saying he only plays one on TV. You know, sometimes we don’t have to be told these things. We just know them.

  • He is hot