Sports Stud: Mathieu Debuchy

This week I decided to highlight a French hottie named Mathieu Debuchy that plays professional football for Newcastle United in the UK. The 27-year old actually only just signed with them on January 4, previously playing in France. He just signed a five-and-a-half year contract which will take him to the summer of 2018. The fee was not disclosed but it is believed to be in the ballpark of $5.5 million.

Given that he’s a professional soccer player he obviously has a great body, but he’s also so incredibly handsome and his tattoos are the cherry on top of a delicious… I was going to use alliteration with the word cake (ie: BLANK cake) but then two really dirty “c” words popped into my head so I decided to leave that alone.

One special treat with this guy is that there is a video clip of him and a teammate giving each other a nice big wet kiss on the field after celebrating a goal. I’ve included a screenshot as well as the actual video below. Enjoy!

See what I mean? SO handsome, right?

There’s the “French” kiss 😉

Looking handsome in an interview.

Him and some teammates…naked? Hot.

Holy hotness, Batman!

Love his tattoos!


Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy Kiss

  • Smiles

    so is he gay???….

  • Lukas A. James

    Just a typical hetero French/Euro man….it can be sooo confusing I know…but this guy is hot….probably even hotter since he isn’t gay….just saying

  • Blake

    @Lukas Self-loathing much?

  • Ryan B.

    The guy looked so passionate going into the kiss. Then he kisses his wedding ring right after. Lol. It was very hot.

  • sylvio

    no way Mathieu is gay !