For this week’s Model Behavior, I decided to share with you someone with an edge. Typically, multiple piercings and super-inked bodies aren’t my thing, but this Brazilian male model made me take notice. Meet 28-year-old Mateus Verdelho.

This six-foot-one stud first made waves appearing in Terra The Boy and Abercrombie & Fitch. Back then, he was a fresh-faced young man with a bit of fur and blank canvas. Nowadays, Mateus is known for his mega tattoos and multiple hardware. With his unique look, Verdelho has carved a nice niche in the modeling world. He’s appeared in ads for Havianas, Dazed & Confused, Numero Hommes and Penguin. Most recently, he graced the cover of Junior magazine.

“The best thing about modeling is to be able to travel around the world and you can learn by yourself the culture, the language of such unique lifestyles.” – Mateus Verdelho

In his spare time, Verdelho loves extreme sports, especially skateboarding. With that hot body of his, not surprisingly, Mateus enjoys hitting the beach as well. Check out a few photos from this Brazilian’s portfolio below.

Mateus Verdelho Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 31
Shoe: 9
Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: brown

I’d cup myself too if I had pecs like that.

I’d like to “carve” and “grind” Mateus’ “backside” with my “goofy foot”. How’s that for a butt-load of skater terminology?

Doesn’t he give you a Brad Pitt kinda vibe here?

Grey hair. Dark brown beard. I wonder what color his “carpet” is?

Good to see his likes protection on his “head” 😉

That body is certainly finger-licking good.

Showing off his furry ink-less body during the early years.

I like a substantial treasure trail.

Laying down on the job.

For all you pit lovers.

Strutting out his sexiness on the runway.

A little preview of his bubble butt.

A little ponytail to grab onto 😉

Piercing eyes and piercing nip.

Sexy and he knows it.

Hands off fishy. He’s mine.

A very hairy Mateus. RAWR.

Boarder emo. Good look?

I now need a good hosing after all those hot pics. You?