Finn Wittrock & Bobby Campo Demonstrate Gay Sex For Science

Have you checked out Showtime’s new series Masters of Sex? The steamy new show chronicles the unusual lives of Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan)- pioneers in the science of human sexuality. Their research touched off the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Showtime just renewed the show for a second season earlier this week.

On a recent episode, Dr. Masters interviews a young man (Finn Wittrock) for his studies. Once he discovers he’s a gay prostitute, he becomes uncomfortable questioning him on his sexual activities. Rather than explaining the ins and outs of gay sex, Wittrock suggests Bobby Campo and himself do the deed in front of Dr. Masters all in the name of science. Check out the hot and heavy scene below.

A new episode of Masters of Sex airs tonight. Definitely give it a try. In addition to all the male eye candy, Lizzy Caplan aka Mean Girls‘ Janis Ian is fantastic on it.

Masters of Sex ‘Deviation’

  • Hmm, interesting story. I’ll have to tune in!

  • JFG

    Oh my…

  • JFG

    Granted, I’m no expert but… did they really throw, “Christ!” around like that back then? I mean, I know we’re being hit over the head that this guy doesn’t fit the norm, but…

    [Great clip, BTW. Thanks for sharing.]