For those of you that have been watching The Real Housewives Of Vancouver over the past two season, you know that Mary Zilba has reignited her singing career with a new single called “Hero,” inspired by one of her three sons. The music video has finally come out and first debuted on MuchMoreMusic on Sunday. We’ve got it for you to check out below!

The video is actually really beautiful and well shot. The video is set on a ranch and Zilba sings about her song Chase being her inspiration, as he struggles to learn guitar even though doctors had told him that it wouldn’t be possible. As time passes, Mary’s actual son chase is in the video, playing guitar and singing to a pretty girl, as his mother looks on from the window, proud as can be.

Mary Zilba looks absolutely beautiful in the video and I think they absolutely nailed it in how they brought the lyrics to life and really told the story that Mary wanted to tell. Congratulations, Mary!

Mary Zilba – ‘Hero’ Music Video

If the video doesn’t work for you, you can watch it here instead.

This was last week – me enjoying a glass of wine with Mary Zilba and Robin Reichman. Love those ladies.