Mary Lambert Debuts New Video For ‘Forget Me’

I previously wrote about Mary Lambert when she did the fantastic collaboration with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore on the “Same Love” video. Macklemore really stepped into the spotlight in my eyes with the bold message he sent out with that song, and, well, now he’s a ridiculous success. Stand up for what you believe in people!

Well Mary is still going strong and pounding out some beautiful melodies, now out with a new video for the song “Forget Me”. The video is also incredibly well shot, and really reads like a short film, and with some great harmonies that remind me of why I fell in love with music like Imogen Heap. She’s really done a great job.

Based out of Seattle, Mary’s bio reads slightly humorous, saying, “Mary Lambert is good at two things; crying and singing”, and after YouTubing some of her videos, and some of her great spoken word stuff, I can see this songstress has a lot going on for her besides her humour, with some serious soul and a guitar. Did I mention she’s a proud lesbian? We love that!

I would love to see Mary Live, and after looking at her tour dates, and I can see she’s so close to being here in TO, performing in NYC this Tuesday the 21st for only $12 at Subculture, and then back to the dear West Coast in Seattle on the 23rd at The Crocodile. AND if anyone is going to Sasquatch, she’ll be on stage with Macklemore!

Go to to check her out.

  • Belladonna

    I love her she’s really good and she made me cry with SAME LOVE and the fact that she’s gay makes me love her more so much power to her can’t wait to buy her music. P.s I started liking Macklemore because of SAME LOVE as well and Now his album (The Heist) is one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time. Go listen to it on iTunes you won’t be disappointed. And I can’t wait for her new album as well.