Mary J. Blige is “Just Fine” After Bitch Slapping Her Man


What does Mary J. Blige do when she thinks her husband is creepin’ on another lady? Well, she’s “Not Gon’ Cry, Not Going To Shed A Tear” but rather, she’s gonna to smack her man upside the head. Woah Mary, really?

The alleged situation occurred at a release party last week for her latest CD, “Stronger”. During the event held at the trendy NYC nightclub, M2, Blige reportedly slapped her husband Kendu Isaacs after getting into an argument. Reports say Blige became irate when she accused her man of flirting with one of the waitresses. According to the New York Post, Mary also left a bite mark on Isaac’s hand during the domestic altercation- OUCH. Com’n Mary, “NO MORE DRAMA” (I wonder how many of her songs I can shamelessly plug into this post).


So what’s Mary’s response to this brouhaha? NADA, but her spokeperson has responded with:

“People lie and don’t know what they are talking about,”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Watch the video and let me know how many tens of thousands its worth? Though a security guard is blocking a good chunk of the action, you can clearly see Blige raising her hand in an aggressive manor towards her “Sweet Thing”in this “Family Affair”. Whether she actually made any contact with her husband, only eye witnesses can say for certain. Maybe Beyonce or Jay-Z caught a glimpse of exactly what transpired. The Urban power couple were two of the celebrities attending the “festive event”

I wonder if there’ll be more “Rainy Dayz” ahead for the couple, or if their “Real Love” can overcome this public love spat? I say the latter and one day they’ll “Reminisce” about this and just “Be Happy” that they can laugh about the little skanky waitress who started this whole mess.

What do you think of Blige’s public outburst? Better yet, what do you think of my overuse of Blige’s songs within this article?

  • Diane

    This is not good Mary! It’s your man, not your son. Furthermore, if she’s committing these types of domestic violence acts in public, I wonder how nasty do their fights get at home. Just as a man should never put his hands on a lady, a lady should never put her hands on a man. Where are the police when you need them? LMAO Damn, Mary, going straight gansta is not the answer.