Netflix Cancels ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’

By most accounts, Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 vastly improved over it’s widely-panned inaugural run. Despite better reviews, it wasn’t enough for Netflix executives. The superhero series starring Finn Jones has been canceled after two seasons.

“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix,” Marvel and Netflix announced in a joint statement. “Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

Iron Fist is the first Marvel series to be axed by the streaming giant. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones have three seasons under their belts with the former expected to get a Season 4 renewal. Meanwhile, odds look good for Luke Cage to get a third season go-ahead. It’ll be interesting to see if Jones reprises his role as Iron Fist should Netflix greenlight another Defenders mini-series which saw all four Marvel characters teaming up.

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