I always have a soft spot for the teenage Avenger stories. The Young Avengers (which I will review later) is my favourite Avengers storyline, so when I got Avengers Academy from MARVEL, I couldn’t wait to get to it.

Semester 2 starts up with the former students (Finesse, Reptil, Hazmat, Mettle and Striker) fear that with the arrival of Captain America and some of the Avengers, they are going to be sent away from the academy because of some of the events that happened prior to this storyline. After Mettle punches out Luke Cage, Cap and Dr. Pym assure that even with the arrival of the new students they are absolutely not going anywhere. One of the new students is HYBRID (obviously in disguise) and evil villain telepath that needs to feed on students energy to survive. But how is he getting the energy?

Reptil, one of the original students has been taken over by his future self. Future Reptil came back to make sure some events happen so that the timeline can end up how it’s supposed to. Marvel loves to play with the timeline so that they can have an aswer for everything, it’s genius but can be quite confusing at times. The future Reptil is trying to save is one where he and Finesse get together and have  a child, but that can only happen is Hybrid kills some of the students, morbid right?

It all climaxes with the return of Jeremy Briggs who is a foil to the Academy. Not thinking that teen aged superheroes should be in one place at the same time due to danger, he offers them another option to change the world. But who goes with Briggs, and who stays with the Academy?

The story is great. The addition of some of the new students including a bisexual character named Lightspeed really peppers up the original characters. Lightspeed moves along the gay character Striker (who actually comes out in this story), and White Tiger really revs up Reptil, who is the star of this book.

The follow up to the first part of this book features the Runaways, and it also shows more of Striker’s coming out. You won’t even believe how he “comes out” officially, it’s pretty gay 😉

I love the art in this book, there really wasn’t ever a panel that I felt wasn’t nice to look at. Four artists make up this collected edition and it was all kept very streamline.

Good art and a great story, what more could you want?