Martha Stewart is a homemaking mogul there is no doubt. However, her show really only appeals to a young adult and above audience. Now she’s spreading her crafty fingers into a new generation to inspire younger kids to use their imagination, get crafty and to be active in a web series for AOL Kids titled Martha & Friends.

In the web series, we follow a 10-year-old Martha and her three best friends: Kevin, Lilly and Hannah. Oh and I can’t forget to mention her two talking dogs, Francesca and Sharkey. Through these characters, the show tries to emulate Martha’s DIY ethic while still appealing to a younger audience. Currently, there are three episodes on AOL Kids’ website, all with different craft ideas and fun projects that you can try at home with your kids after viewing.

One of the episodes it titled Martha’s Fourth. In this episode, Martha and her friends travel to the family beach house for some Fourth of July fun in the sun. They run into a little foil in their plans when Sharkey runs away to seek out adventure away from the doggie spa. Today, the episode will also be airing on the Hallmark Channel. Here’s what Martha said about her new web series:

“Kids are extraordinarily imaginative and we are so glad to be part of a project that encourages, celebrates and rewards their innate creativity and curiosity. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for crafting and cooking and my hope is that this series will inspire a whole new generation of do-it-yourselfers.”

Happy Fourth of July everyone!