Married With Children ran for an impressive 11 seasons on Fox. The sitcom helped establish the new network as a viable fourth option to CBS, NBC and ABC. The show made the cast into household names, most notably everyone in the Bundy family. Now, it seems two of the family members are reuniting on Modern Family.

Entertainment Weekly has learned that one of Ed O’Neill’s former co-stars is guest-starring on an upcoming episode of the ABC sitcom. Sadly, the reunion won’t occur onscreen. This actor will reportedly interact with Claire (Julie Bowen) when she attends her college reunion. At least O’Neill and this actor can catch up on the backlot in between takes. Find out who’s heading to Modern Family below.

David Faustino who played Bud Bundy will play one of Claire’s successful classmates. Too bad Faustino wasn’t asked to play another role. I would’ve loved to see Bundy father and son together once again. Though David still acts once in a while, he’s mostly known for his voice-over work. Currently, he voices Mako on the Nickelodeon series, The Legend of Korra and was most recently heard on Winx Club.

Are you bummed that Faustino and O’Neill won’t be onscreen together? Did you watch Married With Children? If so, would you watch a reunion movie? Seeing Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal with Ed and David on FOX’s 25th anniversary special earlier this year definitely made me yearn to see them act together once again. Sound off below.