Maroon 5 Dress Like Pokemon Creatures For ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ Music Video

maroon-5-dont-wanna-know-videoSometimes when you hear a song for the first time, you can already envision what the accompanying music video will look like. Not so in this case. This is definitely not what I expected when I first heard “Don’t Wanna Know” from Maroon 5. I’m beyond curious to learn who came up with this concept. Perhaps, being a new dad is what inspired Adam Levine.

David Dobkin, who previously filmed their most-viewed clip to date, “Sugar,” directed the visual. This one will no doubt go viral given its subject matter.

Levine and his bandmates dress up as Pokemon creatures. They wander the streets of Los Angeles but are swarmed by people trying to capture them with their smartphones. Sarah Silverman, Vince Vaughn and Ed Helms all make cameos in the clip. Noticeably absent is Kendrick Lamar who contributes a couple of rap verses on the track. For some reason, he received the chop here. Maybe he was too cool for school to dress up as a monster.

While it’s a fun clip for sure, I wonder if there’s a deeper meaning behind it all. Is it a commentary about how celebrities are chased down like prey by paparazzi in Hollywood? Or am I just digging where there’s nothing to find? Watch it below and weigh in afterward.

Maroon 5 ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ Music Video

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    And you wonder why a band like this has no credibility. This is an embarassment. Other than Nickelback, the worst popular band in the past 20 years.