Man Crush: Marlon Teixeira

What in the world are they feeding people in Brazil? Seriously!!! How else can you explain how hot the women and, more importantly, men are there? In honor of the country’s hotness, this week’s crush is top Brazilian male model, Marlon Teixeira. He’s currently ranked at #18 in the world on Top 50 model index. You’ve probably recognized his face *cough* body *cough* in numerous print ad campaigns, but never knew his name…. until now.

Even though he was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil, he’s actually not of Brazilian descent. He’s half Portuguese, 1/4 Indian and 1/4 Japanese. Talk about a sexy concoction of genes- bottle me up some of that. This part is going to make you sick. Marlon is only 19-20-years-old (couldn’t find an accurate age). So young and so hot. GAG.

In his short time in the fashion industry, he’s already scored some major ad campaigns and worked with industry giants. The 6’1/2″ curly haired stud was discovered when his grandmother introduced him to the Way Model Management owner. His breakout campaign was with Dior Homme. With his dark bronzed good looks and oozing sensuality, it’s no wonder he’s on the short list of many top clients like Armani Exchange, Diesel, Iceberg, Custo Barcelona, DSquared and many more. Given his young age, I predict a long career for this hottie.

Normally denim on denim drives me insane, but for this cutie, I’ll make an exception.

If he wore all this leather at a gay bear bar, the hungry wolves would eat him alive (me included).

Even in this less-than-flattering pose, his stomach looks super tight. Oh, to be young and be blessed with high metabolism.

Can those bikini bottoms be… any lower? Not that I’m complaining. The red trucker hat puts his sexiness over the top. YUM.

In this close-up picture, you can definitely see traces of his Indian, Portuguese and Japanese lineage. His Christmas family dinners must be eclectic with sushi, curry and other tasty delights.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic so much, I had to include it again, but this time with the sexy waistline in view. RAWRRRRRRR.

Wow! His pants keep getting lower and lower. Wait til you get to the last few pics. Very revealing in a PG kind of way.

Even with his face half-covered, I’d still do him. His stare is hypnotic. He obviously took smizing lessons from Trya Banks.

In his spare time, he loves to surf. And in my spare time, I’d love to watch him surf.

I’ve gone camping and how come no one ever looks this sexy with a sleeping bag.

You gotta love a boy in tighty whities.

Even with uneven facial scruff, the boy is super sexy. Give him five more years, and his hotness will be off the scale.

Thankfully he’s not 100% perfect. Look at those scrawny chicken legs. There is justice in the world.

As much as I love a man in tighty whities, I love them even more out of them. Looks like Marlon doesn’t have a Brazilian down there, but it’s clear that he does a little manscaping though.

So what did you think of this week’s crush? Super hot, right? PS. If you’re a fan of my weekly crush series, you’ll notice I published my crush on Thursday this week. Moving forward, weekly crushes will now be on Thursdays instead of Fridays. Yay, Thursdays.

  • keaners778

    thursdays just got better 😉

  • paola

    he was born in september 16,1991

  • Winnie

    yay for hot Brazilians 🙂

  • Someone captured him for our site:

  • Gabriel

    It’s nice to see you’ve posted a person of color (if only just barely) after weeks and weeks of guys that are all Caucasian. You should consider presenting a diversity of attractive guys and not continue to perpetuate the implicit idea that only white men are attractive.

  • Mr.Brazilian

    He’s one hundred percent brazilian….
    Everyone in Brazil is half indian and half portuguese. The indian mentioned is brazilian natives, not indian from india…
    I am the same way, my background is indian (brazilian natives), portuguese, spanish and italian.
    Couldnt get any more brazilian than that… lol

  • cliff

    I feel like I want to visit Brazil

  • mora

    looks like every braziilian man is hot…maybe I must visit brazil

  • presa1200

    imo i think he should be on top5, i don’t know how they judge models… btw some asians are very handsome too

  • Russs

    Hottest man on earth!!!!

  • Raps

    When we say indian in Brazil we actually means native americans. He’s not from India, but from natives blood. I’m the same, it’s pretty common here!

  • Luc

    The most gorgeous specimen of a Man on the Planet – his looks could melt a Glacier – only wish he would drip his moisture all over me!