Marlon Teixeira Has The Rio Blues For L’Officiel Hommes

Along with Travis Hanson and Noah Mills, Marlon Teixeira is up there as one of my favorite current male models. In fact, I chose to feature him in my Man Crush series instead of Model Behavior, because I want me some of that. The hair, the body, the slightly haven’t showered in a couple of days look really works for me. It’s that type of sex appeal the Brazilian stud brings for his latest editorial.

Photographed by Lope Navo, Marlon lands on the cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea. Set on the beaches of Ipanema, Teixeira brings the hottest trend this season- denim– to the forefront. Rio, surfing and denim… seems like a natural fit, right? When on Marlon the answer is a definitive “yes.” Check him walking, rolling, and just plain looking sexy in wet denim on the beautiful sandy beach. Enjoy.

  • Slade

    Damn.. the boy is Fyne!!

  • Sean

    He’s seriously beautiful looking.

  • 40400

    Lord have mercy!