Model Behavior: Markus Ricci

Typically for my “Model Behavior” weekly feature, I highlight fashion models appearing in ad campaigns or those strutting their stuff on major fashion runways. For this week, I was craving a little meat, so I picked a beefy muscular male specimen for you to gawk at. It’s been a while since I picked a fitness model, so today is your lucky day if love them thick, cute and hard.

28-year-old Markus Ricci is an American fitness model that’s been featured on and various magazines, including the cover of German publication, Manner Magazine (photographed by Rick Day). Don’t dismiss him as just a pretty face attached to a hot body. The man has brains to boot. He has a Bachelor’s degree specializing in arts and chemistry and would like to eventually become a physician. Specifically in pediatrics and orthopaedics.

As you’d expect, Markus lives a healthy life to maintain that body of his. In addition to competing in many fitness competitions, he plays rugby, football, goes surfing, skiing and even played Division III college lacrosse. He’s so passionate about lacrosse, he provides private lessons to youth in Newton, MA. He’s also part of the Big Brother and Little Sisters organization and has been for more than ten years. Awww, a big guy with a heart of gold. Nothing sexier than that. Check out plenty of shirtless pics of him below modeling underwear and swimsuits.

Markus Ricci Model Stats

Height: 5’9″
Chest: 42
Waist: 28
Hair: light brown
Eyes: hazel

Search is OVA. I’ve found my future second husband.

The sweet smell of sexiness.

Markus is so cut, I can’t even count how many muscle’s he’s showing off. Is it possible to have a ten pack???

He’s built and thick up top, and by the looks of it… down there as well *wink* I love a good VPL.

WOAH. Bizarro world. It’s sorta weird to see him fully clothed. He cleans up pretty well, doesn’t he?

Doing his best Marky Mark impression. He’s doing a great job, because I’m definitely feeling the “Good Vibrations”.

SEX sells and I’m sure this issue of whatever sold a boatload.

Ugh, looking at this, just reminds me that swimsuit season is around the corner. Time to go on a diet and work out. UGH.

DKNY never looked so good.

Can’t you just picture all the sweat that rolls down his perfectly sculpted body after a hard grueling workout? I certainly can… and it LOOKS GREAT.

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  • josiguy

    in responce to the message on his underwear the answer is

  • DiverDave

    Ricci has a sperm count that is off the charts!! Anytime Baby!!