Since I haven’t done a football Sports Stud for a while, I figure I was due to tackle someone good. This week’s hottie is non other than 24 year old NFL quarterback, Mark Sanchez. He’s had a very successful career in footblall right out of high school and now currently plays for the New York Jets. Donovan actually included him in his “Ten Hottest Quarterbacks” from a while back – and you’ll definitely see why when you see the photos below.

Before we get to that, there are some other interesting facts about this beefcake that I thought you might like to know. One is that he’s actually an avid fan of musical theatre. “I’ve become a huge fan of musicals since I’ve come to New York, and I’ve taken some heat from guys on the team, believe me.” Another is that this Mexican-American is also involved in multiple charities and does a lot to help where he can.

Last I heard he was dating a rich 17 year old named Eliza Kruger, but I’m not sure if they are still together. Sounds like a story straight out of Gossip Girl. She might as well be named Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Here he is in the first of many sexy photos from his GQ photo shoot.

Such a handsome guy!

Dirty boy taking a bath.

Lucky girl!

Mouth to mouth – coming right up!

Grr, check out those abs!

Ugh, such a little tease!