Mark-Paul Gosselaar Scores A Home Run With Naked Pic For ‘Pitch’

mark-paul-gosselaar-pitchFox’s freshman series Pitch hasn’t exactly hit a grand slam with regards to Nielsen ratings. It’s a shame really, because the sports drama is one of my favorite new programs. Admittedly, the baseball setting turned me off initially, but it’s the relationships and the player’s struggles that have kept me tuning in.

On this week’s episode, the MLB’s first female player Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) faces a major scandal when old nude photos are released to the public. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who plays Mike Lawson, and the rest of the San Diego Padres get naked to support their embarrassed teammate. With the help of Ginny’s PR agent (Ali Larter), they pose for a steamy shoot for ESPN’s annual Body Issue.

Check out the video, and Gosselaar’s solo pic below. Crossfit does his body good. Pitch airs Thursdays on FOX.


PS: If anyone knows the name of this stud below, I’d appreciate it.


  • lorax1284

    Pic of MPG looks a little “photoshopped along a perfectly straight line on the neck” ish.