Marina Debuts Powerful Video For ‘To Be Human’

Marina, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, surprised her fans recently by dropping the first half of her LOVE + FEAR album. Why only half? She explains below.

“I created ‘Love + Fear’ as 2 separate records to be listened to individually. A lot of us think of love as positive and fear as negative but the truth is there are positives found within fear and negatives found in love. One of the things I struggled with in the past was letting fear get in the way of love. Love scared me so much. ( Um… remember Electra Heart?!). This record is a result of working through that.” – Marina

LOVE is a sonically rich collection which finds Marina musing on relationships, humanity and the beauty of nature. It’s an eight-song offering featuring the recently released breezy bop “Orange Trees” and her hit Clean Bandit collabo “Baby.”

Also included is “To Be Human,” a timely track about unity. The accompanying visual is a powerful one that features social movements, political strife and historic moments while Marina sings in a bamboo forest. Check it out below.

Marina ‘To Be Human’ Music Video