Marina And The Diamonds Covers Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’


Ever since Cyndi Lauper released “True Colors” back in 1986, multiple artists have covered the ballad. With it’s powerful lyrics, it’s became an anthem for the LGBT community. Kodak also fell in love and used it in one of their campaigns.

Marina And The Diamonds is the latest artist to record a rendition. The 30-year-old Welsh singer-songwriter stays pretty true to the original. Her melancholy vocals sound fantastic over the minimal piano arrangement.

Reportedly, she recorded the track for a planned reissue of her last LP, FROOT. It appears that’s not happening anymore. Thankfully, this cover has seen the light of day. It’s fantastic. Give it a listen below.

Marina & The Diamonds ‘True Colors’ Cyndi Lauper Cover