Mariah Carey’s Almost Home Video Debuts

Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters today (check out Tommy’s review) and what better time to also release the music video for the film theme’s song. Mariah Carey enlisted Stargate to produce “Almost Home.” After lukewarm reviews for “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)“, Carey promised to return to her signature 90s sound. The result is a track with an inspirational message that’s generally garnered favorable reviews.

For the music video, the 42-year-old singer called photographer David LaChapelle to direct it. The two previously worked on her 2001 song, “Loverboy” featuring Da Brat and Ludacris. It’s a fairly simple clip which includes footage from the movie and Carey singing in a tight black evening gown. At times Carey looks like she’s caught up in the same storm that blew Dorothy to Oz. The fan is cranked to the nth degree. I don’t think even J. Lo’s mane could survive this. Check out the clip below.

Mariah Carey ‘Almost Home’ Music Video

  • Marco

    She sounded a bit different but still a good vocal!

  • Rob

    hahaha the fan comment was hilarious it’s true! and she doesn’t even have that much hair or extensions or whatever as for it to look good

    the song is meh imho, her best work was in the 90’s and I liked it then, though I couldn’t even play it on my itunes now as I associate mariah now with all of this crazy stuff she’s been doing the last decade
    it’s all too cheesy and weird