‘With You’ Is Mariah Carey’s Best Single In Years

Last we heard the Elusive Chanteuse, she was explicitly kicking her ex to the curb in the F-bomb filled buzz single “GTFO.” She does a 180 and returns back to vintage Mariah Carey for her new offering. Now, this is the diva her Lambs love. It even has her signature whistle note.

Produced by DJ Mustard, “With You” is the official lead single for her long-overdue 15th studio album. It’s a mid-tempo ballad with minimal beats that allows her heavenly voice to shine. Even with just one listen, I guarantee you can’t get the chorus out of your head. Not only is it beyond catchy but splattering the hook everywhere was a wise move.

“Ooh, shots of Remy/ Playing Confessions, and our bodies blending/ Ooh, I’m in love, it’s true/ Yeah, damn I fucks with you,” Carey sings on the velvety ballad. Give it a listen below.

Mariah Carey ‘With You’