Mariah Carey Attempts To Recreate ‘Honey’ Video For Live Performance

VH1 held an epic block party Monday night to celebrate the golden era of hip-hop and the moment when the genre became mainstream across pop culture. Hip Hop Honors: The 90s Game Changers featured plenty of performances paying tribute to some of the biggest hits from the decade.

One of the most highly-anticipated acts to hit the stage was Mariah Carey. The 47-year-old singer was being honored for her groundbreaking hip-hop collaborations. Mimi chose to perform the iconic remixes of her pop hit “Honey” with Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Mase and The Lox.

Carey also decided to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the accompanying music video including riding a jet ski, escaping in a helicopter and being flanked by a crew of hot sailors. What she didn’t attempt was to deliver the same kind of energy as the video.

The elusive diva didn’t even bother to feign the video’s dance moves. In fact, everything she did on stage felt laborious. I know she’s older but if J. Lo, Madonna and Cher can strut around like they did years ago, so should she, right? Watch her underwhelming performance below. It really is a shame because I adore vintage Mariah, not this lame facsimile 🙁

Mariah Carey Recreates ‘Honey’

Mariah Carey ‘Honey’ Music Video

For more performances, head over to VH1.

  • Chris

    Yeah I agree. Everything she does nowadays really disappoints. I would rather play her #1’s compilation album back in 1998 rather than watch trainwreck after trainwreck of her performances really. So sad!

  • Nozuka

    i should stop watching her stuff… it’s really sad to see.

  • Metro135

    I never could stand this narcissistic asshole. Her big claim to fame is the fact that, at one time, she could sound like a tea kettle about explode. Wow.