Mariah Carey Hilariously Surprises Superfans In Elevator For MTV

I admit I’m in a bit of a Mimi Renaissance these days. Whatever Mariah Carey is doing, keep it up because I’m living for it.

Not only did she release her best studio album in years, Caution, but her media game has been tight. Every stop on her press tour has been a delight. She’s been playful, charming and super sharp, especially her visit with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. This other media stop at TRL is another highlight.

The 48-year-old diva surprised her superfans over at MTV. Little did her Lambs know they were about to take the elevator ride of their lives. Honestly, the entire clip is a hoot. From off-key sing-alongs to “Always Be My Baby” and “GTFO” to all the #JusticeForGlitter shout-outs, Carey was living for it. Watch the amusing clip below.

Mariah Carey Shocks Superfans w/ ‘Always Be My Baby’ & ‘GTFO’ Sing-Alongs