Running Out of New Material, Mariah?


So Mariah has released another single.  Or should I say, covered (destroyed) an all time favorite of mine.

This time it’s the classic 1984 Foreigner song, “I Want to Know What Love Is”. I remember when I was growing up I would listen to the original over and over again; unfortunately, this version will NOT be growing on me. This is a total train-wreck of an amazing track and I am deeply saddened that Mariah has chosen to ruin a piece of my childhood for me.

Mariah, seriously… not cool.

Here you go – see what you think:


Mimi’s cover for her new single

  • Lol

    u are the only fucker that doesn’t like it. clean out your ears, bitch.

  • Harlequin

    Mediocre at best. Sounds like something that came out ten years ago. It’ll probably hit number 1 anyway. Haha.

  • Brian

    This version isn’t the right one anyways dumbass. This whole pitch is off. All the ones that were correct were pulled off of youtube. Get your shit straight

  • Russ

    I’m scared of covers- they’re so disappointing so often! Like the new version of “Africa”- I never thought I’d miss Toto so much.

  • Michael

    This remake kicks ass! Mariah once again, proves no one can touch her talent! Future #1 right here!

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