Mariah Carey: The Intoxication of Mimi


Oh, Lamb! What were you thinking? Last night everyone’s favorite Diva, got busted for being sauced. Mariah Carey made a drunken fool of herself when she was delivering her acceptance speech at The Palm Springs Film Festival. Carey was on stage accepting an award for her Breakthrough Performance Award in Precious which was presented by Lee Daniels himself, the director.

After hugging it out with Daniels, Carey tried to babble her way through her speech. But once she realized she couldn’t conclude her thank-yous, she confessed she had too much too drink. Haha. Too bad, Daniels wasn’t able to direct Mimi on stage. She might’ve been able to fake her way through it. God, I love her antics.

What did you think? Let’s all be honest. I’m sure we’ve all been to an event where we’ve probably drank more than we should’ve. I know I’m guilty as charged. Thank God for handheld video cameras.

  • Mitch

    Wow, that was painful to watch. She was brutal at the People’s Choice awards tonight too!

  • Donovan, you’ve NEVER been too drunk 😉