Maria Shriver To Be Offered Biggest “Tell-All” Book Deal Ever?

Things are looking up for Maria Shriver! According to RadarOnline, a top publishing executive told them that Shriver could get over $15 million for her story. That would beat the record of $15 million paid to Bill Clinton for his story in the memoir, “My Life”. I guess political sex scandals sell!

It isn’t a stretch to think that she’d write a tell-all book about this whole ordeal. She is already to author of six best selling books, including “And One More Thing Before You Go” and “What’s Happening To Grandpa?” I’m sure she has many stories to tell and now that her kids are older, I’m sure they’d be supportive about it.

A book that tells the world what went on in her home, a behind the scenes look at her marriage and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affairs. Mostly, I want to know how she felt about the woman (Mildred Patricia Baena) whom she trusted so much as the family’s housekeeper turns out to be the mother of Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child. Did she suspect anything?

Sign me up for an advance copy – inquiring minds want to know! Then turn it into a made-for-tv move. Not only will the book set a record for how much she’ll be making, it will likely break sales records too.

So far, Shriver has not made any statements about whether or not she’s actually going to be writing a book, but with all the buzz being created about it, the demand for one is certainly there. Perhaps a wise decision would be to wait until the divorce is over before commencing writing.