Marcio & Marcos Patriota Pose In Sexy Terry Richardson Shoot

Earlier this month, Tyrell wrote about Dave Franco’s sexy shoot with Terry Richardson – which was the pits… armpits to be more specific. Now, I’m going to double the hotness by sharing with you Richardson’s most recent shoot with Marcio & Marcos Patriota. No, you’re not seeing doubles, these guys are sexy model twins from Brazil which we Donovan has even featured in his weekly Man Crushes.

In the series of photos below the boys fondle in feathers, posing nude whilst only feathers cover their peacocks. The last time we posted about these guys, we asked if you thought twin brothers kissing was hot or… gross. The verdict was a resounding “HOT,” and I have to agree. That being said, my brothers are twins and I would not want to see them kissing – nor would they ever. LOL.

Enjoy the (borderline NSFW) photos from the shoot below!

Twin Brothers Kissing: Hot or Not?

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  • Eric

    Being an identical twin myself I think it’s disgusting… I couldn’t imagine posing for pictures naked making out with my brother. It’s just wrong on so many levels. Those of you who think its hot are sick, must be from the south where incest is the popular thing to do.

  • Tyson

    Thank You I totally agree Eric! I don’t understand whats so hot about incest it is disgusting.

  • Stepen

    I can disgusted by how many gay men think this is hot. I’m sorry but incest is incest. I like my nice hot normal gay partner who doesn’t look like me at all.

  • Kissing is not incest. Maybe if I knew them, I would think differently, but since I find one twin hot then I would find the other hot as well and it’s something I find kinda hot because of how naughty it seems. And even if they did have sex (which would then make it incest), there is no chance for inbreeding, so I don’t really see a problem with it. If they are fine with it, they are both consenting adults and nobody gets hurt, then I don’t see the problem.

  • Alex

    As an identical twin I say wrong. That being said I have been asked to make out with him on dares before so I know that lots of people do think it is hot. I can see both sides of it.

  • Kip

    I’m also an identical twin. It’s not right! I have people ask me all the time about it. My counter response is always to ask if they want to make out with their dads! (That’s usually a No)

  • Tyson

    Brendan it doesn’t matter if they can’t have kids, incest is wrong, straight or gay. A brotherly kiss is nothing, full on making out is disgusting. Like Kip said, would you want to make out with your dad? A lot of people say being gay is a mental disorder, disgusting shit like this makes it seem like they’re right.

  • marcos ukul

    so hot…. ;D

  • Ewan

    Eewwwww Grossssssssssssss, seriously!

  • Michael

    Oh lord, people. Stop with that judgements. It’s a kiss. I mean really… I see why you would think full on sex or making out would be gross, but this is a kiss. Yeah, it’s sexy because the guys are beautiful. Nothing more. Seriously, stop with your incestual, moral grandstanding. It’s a kiss!

  • Josh

    As someone from the south: f*ck you, Eric. You don’t need to stereotype and denigrate us to make your point.

  • Tyson

    Who gives a fuck if its a kiss its fucking disgusting! Would you say the same thing if it was a brother and sister making out? Seriously the fact that so many gays find this hot is disturbing, shit like this makes me feel ashamed to be apart of this community.

  • jovan

    I think its a hot pic … and they’re not even really kissing in it. if someone wanted to pay me money to “kiss” my brother I sure as hell would.

  • leo lansin

    i will suck those if i where there

  • Homer Rotic

    I think incest would be if they were actually having sex,..which I didnt see in those pics,..just two brothers having fun and clowning around