Today’s Who’d You Rather pairing comes courtesy of the upcoming film “Touchback” which actually stars a slew full of celebs. However, I’ve picked of the most delicious men from the bunch to make you decide which one you’d rather. May I introduce to you Brian Presley and Marc Blucas.

You may recognize Mr. Presley from the soaps General Hospital and Port Charles. Since then, he hasn’t really been able snag any attention. But now, he’s ready to take on the leading role in the upcoming film. Mr. Blucas became a household name with his role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and hasn’t stopped working ever since. Aside from this film project, he’s also starring in the series, Necessary Roughness.

Check out some hot photos of the men and then vote for you you wouldn’t kick out bed for eating crackers below. Remember, you can only have one and you can’t say none. Now go play.



Who'd You Rather: Presley VS Blucas

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