Manila Luzon Show Being PROTESTED @ The University of San Diego

I can’t with this story, it’s too much. Drag Race mega goddess and friend to Homorazzi MANILA LUZON is at the forefront of a fabulous scandal.

In an article by CHARISMA NEWS (which is the gayest name I have ever heard), it states that this is the second year of this controversial drag show at the University of San Diego. ‘The drag show will be emceed by Manila Luzon, a professional drag queen and openly homosexual man who advocates same-sex “marriage.” ‘ 

Like I can’t, it’s SO FUNNY! Marriage in quotation is too much, and Manila Luzon a professional? PLEASE 😉

So in reality this is actually quite serious. The last time the USD did this they had major protests from the students, faculty and donors. This is a seriously christian university and they feel that this show “misleads the participants, students, society and the body of Christ by telling us that cross-dressing and acting upon disordered sexual preference are in line with Catholic social teaching. That is not the truth.”

I don’t normally talk about religion, or politics because I feel to each their own, but honestly think this is ridiculous. For this to be a serious issue in today’s day and age boggles my mind. But apparently they have over 4000 signatures from people, and they are holding a prayer circle and protest on the day of the event.

Hey Manila, make sure you wear something EXTRA fabulous like a crown of thorns or something. Every camera is going to be on you.

Check out the whole article here

  • Evan

    I’ve studied acceptance of homosexuality at my Canadian university and, across the board, tolerance of homosexuality rose at each level of education. The most intolerant were those who did not even make it high school, while the most tolerant were those with post-secondary education. Therefore, I was boggled by this until I learned that USD is a private, Catholic university. It is really unfortunate that an event meant to broaden minds and increase love/acceptance for fellow humans is being targeted as “sinful.” There are so many contradictions within certain religions that it drives me nuts.