Manila Luzon BEATS James ST James


I have been bad on the Transformation videos but only because I have been so busy planning Vancouver PRIDE and nerding out at San Diego Comic Con (which I will tell you ALL about, probably in a video update because there’s so much) BUT I wanted to share with you the newest World of Wonder TRANSFORMATIONS video featuring my gal pal MANILA LUZON!

Now James has had some legends beat his face on this, he’s had some drag stars and some makeup stars, performance artists and freaks. Honestly I wasn’t sure what Manila was going to do but in my opinion this is the best one. She transforms him into JESSICA RABBIT! Not only is the makeup amazing, but the video is hysterical.

Check out the video below and make sure you look at the rest of them. They are SO good!

James St. James and Manila Luzon: Transformations

  • Dragaholic

    Manila has the talent but has a nasty stinking attitude problem. All you tend to hear about her now is what a vile bitch she is. It’ll catch up with her as fans won’t take that sort of shit for too long!