We’re less than a week away from RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere, but we’ve got an amazing premiere from one of it’s stars. Manila Luzon just dropped her video for her single, “Hot Couture“.

As is customary with almost every single reality star, after their first season on air, a vanity single is soon to follow. Some are ok, some are absolutely terrible (Who gon check me boo much?) and once in a while you’ll have one that is actually pretty good. Hot Couture is one of those songs, and the video is fabulous. With every Drag Race star releasing a single almost every single month, this one definitely stands strong as the best video release to date.

Scenes of Manila getting done up, rocking different looks and even doing a little choreography pepper this video, but the best part about it is the story of the little boy who I’m assuming is mini Manila. Putting on some earring, some lipstick and the clincher when mommy walks in and brings him a pair of heels. Absolutely ADORABLE!

Special shout out to the diva with the beard and full face, I’m going to bite that look I promise you. Enjoy HOT COUTURE below!