Manila Luzon Ring My Bell & New Single ‘Bring It’ Featuring Jinkx Monsoon


It’s Manila Luzon overload today at the Homorazzi offices!

In true Manila fashion she has released two new delicious morsels of fun for us. The first is a segment of World of Wonder’s hit web series Ring My Bell. There is also a really amazing caller on this segment, he sounds extremely attractive and super cool!

The second is the long awaited release of her next single, this one titled “Bring It” featuring season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon. I of course bought it at 2:30 am last night after stumbling home from Liberace Thursday, listened to it and loved it. It’s got a great dance beat, a fun hook and unless I”m mistaken an homage to the dearly departed Sahara Davenport. With a really fun rap by Jinkx Monsoon, how can you go wrong for 99 cents!

If you want to get the single you CLICK HERE and get it from iTunes (she’s also got it on amazon!)

Check out the episode of RING MY BELL below!

Manila Luzon Ring My Bell

  • bjnkm

    Tommy, you’re a fangirl.

  • Dragtastic

    Manilla always has a way of clinging onto more popular queens to make herself liked. Her reputation of being an extremely nasty bitter bitch is catching up with her. Her shit is getting real old.

  • WhatstheT

    Lol, loved Dragtastics comment. A few of my friends have had run ins with ‘her’ and she now is getting the reputation of being the nastiest bitch on the circuit. The Queens who stay are the ones who treat their fans etc with respect. Manilla will never learn that.