Manhunt Mobile: Pick Up Your Phone to Pick Up a Guy

Let’s just get it right out of the way: Manhunt for the iPhone isn’t going to be called Assfinder… … … How many times have I had to type that sentence out? 🙂

In response to some content issues faced by horny boys attempting to “hunt” it up while on the move with nothing but a hardon and a their iPhone in pocket, the ferociously popular gay hookup/dating site is creating a mobile site specific to iPhone’s browser type and restrictions. Entitled “Manhunt GPS”, this thing will enable you faster access to boys in your locale and avoid past issues users have had when simply accessing the Manhunt site through their safari browser.

This new concept was recently misrepred’ on a few blogs so the CMO of the company has published a clear statement concerning the specifics of this new release. To make it clear, it ain’t gonna be called Assfinder, that’s just the gist of what it’s gonna do for ya 😉 hahah.. oh and it’s the internal project name as well (that just sounds less cool to say).

Online Buddies’ Chief Marketing Officer Todd Sowers:

“You caught us with our pants down. The good news? You can look forward to a lot more of that once we launch Manhunt GPS (its actual name). We wanted to figure out a way for guys to use an iPhone to hook up without all of Apple’s content restrictions, and thus the Assfinder project was born.

This isn’t an iPhone app – Manhunt GPS will work with your iPhone’s browser. Your profile on GPS will look just like your profile on, no matter how much you choose to show off.

We’re not ready to announce all the details yet, but we can tell you that we’re launching Manhunt GPS in a limited beta in the Boston area later this week. Once we work out the kinks, we’ll be rolling it out nationwide as soon as possible. Initially, GPS will only be available for iPhone, but compatibility with other devices is coming soon, as well as a separate Manhunt App.”

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